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Discover our various brand worlds for games, puzzles, construction and arts & crafts. Our portfolio includes Ravensburger (with its distinctive blue triangle logo), BRIO, GraviTrax, ThinkFun logic games and CreArt. For Disney Lorcana TCG please refer to our separate Press Fix page.

Products carrying the Ravensburger blue triangle aim to inspire fun, opportunities for learning, and valuable shared moments between children, family, and friends – reflecting the brand’s core values of 'enjoyment, education and togetherness'.

PUZZLES. Completing a jigsaw puzzle, either on your own or with someone else, gives a fantastic sense of achievement and accomplishment.  We are a market leader in puzzles for adults and children, including many of today’s top licensed properties.

3D PUZZLES. Discover unique puzzle fun in the third dimension with our popular 3D Puzzles; with Easy Click Technology, the plastic puzzle pieces fit together perfectly to create stunning and no glue required!

GAMES. At Ravensburger we have games for all ages and levels of ability, from toddlers upwards. Playing games are a lot of fun and can create a real sense of togetherness. Our games include the logic-brand ThinkFun and our immersive games are renowned worldwide for their quality and high levels of game-play.  

BRIO. In 2023 BRIO celebrates 65 years of endless wooden track play.  With iconic trains, tracks and destinations, BRIO World is bursting with endless possibilities to start a new voyage and spark the imagination of mini conductors! Join us in celebrating the countless trains that have ridden the iconic BRIO tracks. Farom the original black engine to the much-loved Battery-Operated Steaming Train.

GRAVITRAX. The interactive marble run that allows players to design and build tracks, whilst experimenting with gravity, magnetism and kinetics. Explore endless possibilities and infinite creativity because all sets and extensions are compatible.

CREART.  Get creative whatever your age! Young artists will love the large variety of our painting-by-numbers range. Whether it’s a love of colouring or to decorate an empty space with beautiful pictures, there’s something for everyone.  The adult range is perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in creating a wonderful piece of art and providing a sense of calm and self-achievement.

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