Celluence Legs & Celluence Body

Advanced skincare with high concentrations of multiple, high-purity plant molecules in a luxurious, natural base

Luxury + Actives 

The Celluence® creams contain high concentrations of multiple, extensively researched, high-purity plant molecules, specific to leg and whole body skin wellness: hydration, anti-ageing, skin firmness/elasticity, skin microcirculation, stretch mark/cellulite prevention, post-liposuction aftercare.

Actives in both creams are carried in a luxurious, naturally aromatic, fast-absorbing cream base of precious extra virgin plum oil.

Apply daily to enjoy a silky skin feel on your skin, knowing that you also offer your skin an array of amazing skin wellness ingredients.

Celluence Legs: emphasis on cellulite and leg skin wellness • £39, 100ml

  • Bioavailable curcumin (from turmeric)
  • EGCG (from green Tea)
  • Asiatic acid / asiaticoside / madecassic acid (from gotu kola)
  • Esculoside (from horse chestnut)
  • Forskolin (from coleus forskohlii)
  • Chlorogenic acid (from green coffee)
  • Liposomal caffeine

More info: lipotherapeia.com/skincare/legs-plus

Celluence Body: emphasis on skin firmness and whole body skin wellness • £27, 100ml

  • Hydroxyproline Dipeptide
  • Bioavailable Cocoa Flavanols
  • Medium-Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid
  • beta-Sitosterol
  • alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta- Tocopherols

More info: lipotherapeia.com/skincare/body-plus