Not for everyone.

Firebox is a London-based independent lifestyle and gifting retailer disrupting the marketplace with a highly curated mix of alternative homeware, lifestyle accessories, gadgets, food, drink and gifts.

Firebox is on a mission to shake things up and get people to embrace their more imaginative side.

We believe in being more imaginative and exist to give people a more exciting alternative to what is already out there in the homeware and lifestyle category.

We want to inject something new into the market; an edgier, cheekier and more imaginative brand that takes risks and will do what other’s won’t.

“Our brand is for someone who pushes the boundaries. It’s Not for Everyone."
We are dedicated to inspiring our customers through a unique combination of products and creativity.

We are constantly looking to collaborate with like-minded independent makers, designers and emerging artists.

Alongside these fresh and original product collaborations we also delve deep into our collective imaginations to make our own exclusive products, through our ‘Created by Firebox’ range.

We approach everything with our unusual mix of youthful energy, passion, ‘Not for Everyone’ attitude, sense of humour and attention to cultural detail.

We believe the objects we choose to surround ourselves with are a small reflection of the way we live our lives and an extension of our personality.

Choosing a T-rex lamp over an Ikea lamp, putting Bike Balls on your bike, bringing Unicorn Tears Gin to a party instead of the standard Hendricks all say something about someone’s outlook and attitude.

We create and curate products that are relevant to our customers and reflect their lifestyle. An object that adds something a little bit different to their everyday life.

We source quality products that are influenced by the flow of culture rather than flash in the pan trends. Things you want to keep in your life or home. Sometimes our products will exist to start conversation, divide opinion and provide a joke or a slice of entertainment but they’re never novelty or cheap.

“ We don’t make people want our products, we make products people want. We are the exciting alternative.”
Our products are a shared expression of our brand and customer. They embody our ‘Not for Everyone’ attitude.