Firetree Chocolate

Rich volcanic chocolate | Bean-to-bar | Sustainable and ethical

At Firetree, we source some of the world's rarest cocoa beans grown in the fertile soil of remote volcanic islands in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Much like the finest coffee beans, each of Firetree’s cocoa origins has a distinctive, rich and complex taste profile. We work directly with the farmer to nurture, harvest, ferment and dry the beans to our specifications.

The beans are then whole-roasted, low and slow to release their flavour mosaic, from deep treacle and date to vibrant raspberry and delicate citrus, each variant is an adventure for your taste buds!

We’re proud of the 31 awards that we hold, purely for the taste of our chocolate collection. Whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or simply want to indulge knowing you’re tasting the finest, Firetree Chocolate’s single-estate, bean-to-bar chocolate is for you.