Warning! May Start Talking About... Women's Mug

By Find Me a Gift


Do you have a woman in your life who does not stop talking about a particular topic once she's started? Maybe you have quite a few of those female friends and you need a gift which speaks volumes about them and their current obsession.  This mug makes a great gift, will help quench their thirst for caffeine, and will spark yet another conversation about their favourite thing. There are 15 options to browse through with the likes of Instagram, Dogs, Equality, Shopping, Feminism, Babies, and Pornstar Martinis included. The full design will read as follows: "Warning! May Start Talking About" followed by your topic choice. "Warning" is written in white against a red banner whilst the rest of the text is in black. 

RRP Price (£) 9.99

Added 11/03/2022

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