Luvabella Mealtime Magic - Maya

By Spin Master


Discover Mealtime Magic Maya, the most expressive and lifelike feeding baby doll! Mealtime is Maya’s favorite time of day. She really recognizes and reacts to the foods you feed her, with over 70 sounds and phrases! When she’s hungry, she’ll call out to you. Using her special light-up smart spoon and double-sided food tray, there are 10 different foods you can mix and match! Discover Maya’s lifelike reactions as she recognizes and recalls over 50 food combinations. It’s all the feeding fun, without the mess! Like a real baby, Maya opens her mouth to say “ahh” when she’s ready to eat. Bring the spoon to her mouth and watch as she reacts! Will it be yum or yuck? Will she playfully stick out her tongue if it’s too sour? Change up the food combinations and discover all of your baby’s exciting expressions and reactions as you feed her again and again! Over time, you’ll learn Maya’s favorite foods as she asks for them more and more! If you feed Maya too much, she can get a little fussy. Gently pat her on the back to burp her! After mealtime comes playtime. Tickle Maya’s chest for sweet giggles or bounce her back and forth as she smiles with excitement! Maya’s interactive 2-in-1 accessory doubles as a bottle and pacifier. Feed her with her bottle as you rock her to sleep in your arms. She really suckles on it!

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Added 03/07/2020

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