Secret Saviours

Secret Saviours

Secret Saviours is a small team of mums and medical specialists who are passionate about helping women prevent stretch marks.

We are completely honest about our products and how they work.

We like results and we do everything we can to show you that our promises can be achieved.

At Secret Saviours we like proof, using evidence from clinical and scientific experts.

We are the only skincare system in the world that has been clinically proven to help prevent stretch marks. In independent clinical trials 70% of women using the Secret Saviours 3-step system didn’t get stretch marks. In the same trial a control group of women who were not given a Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Kit, sadly did get stretch marks.

And an independent consumer trial gave even stronger results than this! 82% of women didn’t get stretch marks when using our 3-step system.

We also like good quality materials. That’s why we’ve ensured that The Stretch Mark Prevention Band is made of a good quality, lightweight, breathable fabric that’s comfortable and supportive. And we’ve spent a long time making sure the fragrances of The Day Gel and The Night Cream are heavenly and that their texture is just right.

We’ve been saving pregnant women from stretch marks for the last three years. They’ve given us invaluable feedback and the results have been amazing. You can read what some of them have to say in our review section on this website.

We’re confident that Secret Saviours will give you the best possible insurance against pregnancy stretch marks.

We hope you’ll love it.

Sophie Hooper