Salted Caramel Tequila & Spiced Apple Rum

Liquor-ish Ltd was formed in late 2018. The word play of Liquor & ish is based on our decision to launch sweet flavoured lower ABV Liquor. Get it? :)

The brand came about because 2 friends, both from London, realised that we had tequila experiences which were rather forgetful - maybe you've been in the same boat!  

So we embarked on this journey to create a tequila experience which was memorable for the right reasons, bringing together unique taste, uniquely British flavours, and unique versatility. 

Aside from the innovative salted caramel flavour profile, the ABV is lower at 26% which means that neither the alcohol nor the flavour overpower the other. And our mantra of 'shoot, sip, stir, shake' talks to how the brand can be used.

Reveal Your True Self And #MaskOff

The Mask Conceals Your World.

A World Of Fun, Escapade, MYSTique and Magic.

Liquor-ish Bring you a MYSTerious, Adventurous,

Almost Forbidden Range Of Drinks.

Try Myst And You Will Experience

Rum And Tequila Like Never Before.

Some Say Alcohol Is A Sin, So