The Story Behind Sikhana

Born out of covid and originally launched as Xperience Pakistan Lifesyle in 2020, the brand has evolved to Sikhana to broaden its appeal and ability to story tell about cultures and country beyond Pakistan. The brands roots come from travel, Xperience Pakistan its sister brand, which was launched in 2018 as a bid to change perceptions about the country and its people. 

Sikhana, meaning ‘to educate’ in Urdu, is a socially responsible luxury lifestyle brand. The collection comprises of handcrafted unique lifestyle gifts and provides a perfect platform to tell important cultural stories and empower communities across the world.

I have created and curated a collection of fragrances, candles, diffusers, room sprays & serving platters (which retail from £15-£75) with every single one benefiting those that have helped to make or inspire the products.

Beautifully crafted and packaged, they not only make thoughtful and luxurious gifts, but also tell the fascinating stories of the people and cultures behind them. Every product comes with information about the location and cultural traditions that have inspired it.

Of Pakistani heritage herself, I am passionate about both shining a spotlight on cultures that are often misrepresented, empowering communities of craftspeople and supporting vital global projects with a generous donation from every sale.