Brilliant Cast Iron Cookware

STAUB are makers of premium cast iron cookware; a brand born in the culinary heartland of Alsace, France.

The choice of the professional since 1974, STAUB is used by 45% of Michelin starred chefs in France.

The hero product of the range is La Cocotte, a casserole style pot that's perfect for cooking and beautifully presenting slow cooked, one pot meals at the dining table.

Make the most of the versatile cocotte: as well as roasts, stews and curries, use it to make simple staples like home-baked bread or to use up store cupboard ingredients in a delicious soup. The cocotte is also great for freezer-friendly batch cooking, and if you're looking take your time in the kitchen, how about learning a new recipe to get the most from your STAUB cookware?

Available in myriad shapes, sizes and colours, the STAUB range includes grills, woks, frying pans, terrines, fondues and even mini pieces for serving individual portions or side dishes.

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