A World of Imagination

An audio platform built for kids.

Yoto, the screen-free audio platform for children, brings the perfect Christmas gift for parents and kids who are seeking something magical this year. Yoto Player is a connected speaker designed to safely give children full control over their listening, by entertaining and educating them while reducing screen-time. Controlled using physical story cards, Yoto Player is easy to use by even the littlest hands. Simply insert a story card and the autio will start. Remove it, and it will stop!

With an ever-expanding library of story books, music, activities, educational content and of course Yoto Radio & the Yoto Daily free micro podcast, Yoto Player will become a much loved piece of smart tech for any young child, designed to grow up with them as they learn and develop.

Premium content to inspire imaginative learning and play.

Having secured licenses with Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Macmillan and more, the extensive and ever-expanding content library is packed with some of the world’s greatest children’s authors, including Roald Dahl, Judith Kerr and Julia Donaldson. The Yoto library also features music, activities, podcasts, radio and sound effects and with more than 150 individual cards available from £1.99, you can build a library for hours of imaginative play. 

With free daily content on Yoto Radio and Yoto Daily, kids can enjoy a world of safe, fresh and interactive fun, readily available at their fingertips. 

Alongside the ready made story and activity cards, you can unleash your creativity with a pack of blank Yoto cards that can be linked to (almost) anything! From bedtime stories read by mum and dad to your favourite songs and sounds, the opportunities are endless. 

Monthly content delivered right to your door.

Yoto Club offers new and exclusive content posted to members to keep their Yoto library fresh. Yoto Club’s monthly packages include two mystery cards brand new to Yoto and not yet available in the card store, new audio on their Yoto Club Card, a calendar to track Yoto Daily content, a postcard to send to family or friends, and a colouring art piece that will grow each month.

Yoto Club members can also enjoy an ongoing 10% discount on the Yoto store, as well as in-app bonuses like access to exciting new audio content on the Yoto app before non-members. For more tailored content, Yoto Club now has two age range options available for subscribers: 3-5 years old and 5-8 years old. Members can even select both to receive cards from both of the age categories. Yoto Club costs £12.99 per month, and you can sign up at yotoplay.com

Give the gift of reduced screen time.

Give your children the gift of less screen time and imaginative play with a screen-free speaker that has access to entertaining content without removing the joy of using technology for fun learning.

At night time, Yoto Player also has a clock and night light function, perfect to help your little ones drift off to sleep, and during the day is fully bluetooth compatible.