Chocolate that looks and tastes too good to be true

A family business started through the love of chocolate by the father and daughter duo.

 Kerr and Flo create all the mould in-house carving the intricate designs to create some of the most unique chocolates you will have ever seen, From chocolate vegetables to this year's sensation Chocolate pigs in Christmas blankets. 

New melt and make kits so you can create your own magic at home from Lollipops,  castles to make your own London

Over the past 18 years, Choc on Choc has become a firm fixture in a number of big High Street retailers including John Lewis, Selfridges and Waitrose to name but a few.

 Choc on Choc’s unique creations are now stocked in over 200 retailers in the UK and abroad in Japan, the USA, Australia, and across Europe.  

Please contact flo  flo@choconchoc.co.uk for any press enquiries

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