SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush inc. UV Self-Cleaning Case



SURI is an award-winning sustainable electric toothbrush delivering a maximum clean with a minimum impact. Black Friday Promotion - up to 50% off. Buy 1, save 33% (£90) Buy 2, save 40% (£72) Buy 3, save 50% (£60) • Fully recyclable plant-based heads. Made from cornstarch and castor oil, respectively • Repairable aluminium body – Light, durable, endlessly recyclable. Designed to be easily repaired by SURI to extend its lifespan • Free, effortless recycling scheme – each brush comes with a prepaid, compostable mailer. Just pop your used heads in the post, SURI will take care of the rest • No gimmicky tech or pointless bluetooth apps (does anyone use those?!) so SURI can fit a powerful 33,000 sonic-vibrations-per-minute motor into a slimline form that is significantly smaller than most electric brushes. It's whisper quiet, too at just 54dB • 40+ day battery life. Tired of recharging your brush every few days? No more! • Each brush comes with an innovative UV Self-Cleaning Travel Case. It re-charges your brush and uses UV-C light to sterilise 99.9% of bacteria on the bristles • Available in 3 colours - Winter Fern, Sea Mist and Midnight Black • SURI is certified carbon neutral, all of their packaging is plastic-free, FSC-certified recyclable and they offset all the emissions from the manufacture and transportation of their brushes • SURI also offers a 100-Day Money-back guarantee so you can try out the brush with confidence

RRP Price (£) 120.00

RRP Price USD ($) 135.00

RRP Price EUR (€) 135.00

Added 10/11/2022

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