Recycled Glass Tea Light Holders Set of 6

By Designed In Colour


Handblown from recycled glass a tea lights set of 6 per colour. Big enough for a votive as well. Derived from the beautiful vintage British Colour Council system of the 1930's; we use the names and colours from the original Dictionary of Colour; consisting of 100's of vibrant dyed ribbons originally created to colour-match products across The Commonwealth - from uniforms to postboxes, bunting to battleships. Every piece is hand made by skilled artisans and no two are exactly alike. Hundreds of tiny air bubbles in the glass create a light, bubbly effect and add to the uniqueness of this charming range designed for every-day dining. Perfect on the table or out in the garden for a relaxed meal, the handmade range is simple, useful and beautiful.

RRP Price (£) 20.00

Added 08/06/2020

Categories Homeware, Food & Drink, Eco Friendly, Garden, Interiors
Keywords Designer , Lighting , Modern , Roamnce

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