British Colour Standard©

Sustainable, Eco, FairTrade. Colourful Homewares, Gifts and Luxury Paint.

Contemporary design-led gifts and products for colour-lovers.

All designs are created in-house in our London studio and have a sustainable or eco provenance.

Our Luxury top quality paint features strong and vibrant colours; they are British-made & water based.

The origins of ‘British Colour Standard© Homewares and Luxury Paint’ were conceived in 1931 by the British Council.

Cloth-bound muddy green ‘dictionaries of colour’ crammed with 100’s of brightly dyed silk ribbons were created to standardise colour reproduction throughout The British Commonwealth.

Revised and bought back to life and into the home for the 21st Century, British Colour Standard© have carefully restored this iconic collection of bold historic tones and hues for contemporary living.