Biotin Booster 10,000mcg USA

By Kansha Brands Ltd


Biotin Booster 10,00mcg is a new addition to the Kansha Alchemy range of vitamins in the UK and compliments the other products, such as Good Hair, Super Skin or Wonder Women. Biotin is the main vitamin everyone goes to when looking to grow their hair or get stronger nails. Biotin is key to building the keratin infrastructure of hair (and nails). So many of our Good Hair customers, work hard to solve their thinning hair problems such as actual thinning, androgenic alopecia, or excessive shedding, so once they have solved the issue, it can be good to take extra Biotin for maintenance. OR if you do not have a problem with thinning or shedding, just by taking Biotin alone, you can help your hair grow faster or longer and nails become stronger and more flexible. 10,000mcg is a powerful dose and it is extremely rare to overdose and then the reaction is usually just a few spots and nothing more. Biotin is easily absorbed by the body and completely safe and harmless.

RRP Price (£) 19.99

Added 12/07/2021

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