Kansha Alchemy

Beauty From Within

Hair thinning amongst women is becoming more prevalent, so when it happened to a beauty industry exec, Ann-Louise Holland, she decided to find real solutions to save her hair.  Kansha Alchemy was born. Kansha is the Japanese word for gratitude and when you get your hair back, you definitely are thankful.  

After launching Good Hair and realising the supplement market has so many sub-standard products with fillers and bulking agents, Kansha Alchemy made it their mission to provide premium nutrition for beauty and wellness goals that work!

Although Kansha Alchemy is UK based, there are six products on sale in the USA and four in the UK, with more in the pipeline.

Kansha Alchemy was developed by Ann-Louise and her friend and colleague from 30 years ago, Carol Harrison, who suffered with hair problems after having chemo.  Hair does return after chemo, so this isn't a product to prevent its loss, but both Carol and Ann-Louise understand what losing our hair can do for confidence, self-belief and wellbeing.  And with wellbeing at the heart of what are often the solutions to beauty fixes and health, they vowed together, to ensure that their products were developed with high standards and provided real results.