Natural & Educational Toys For Babies & Toddlers

We are delighted to announce the arrival of award winning Mizzie The Kangaroo to the UK.

Mizzie is a friendly Kangaroo from sunny Queensland, Australia. She was born in this world to help develop children, in a fun way. Whilst growing up in touristy Queensland, she met so many children from all over the world. She learnt to make them laugh and realised that they all learnt better, whilst having fun.

From birth to toddler years, every single Mizzie product was designed specifically to help children learn through play.

Made from 100% Natural Rubber, the Mizzie Teething baby will start your baby's Mizzie journey.

Stimulating the senses, developing fine motor skills, teaching cause & effect, encouraging the love of reading and singing are among the many benefits your children will gain during their Mizzie play time! All Mizzie baby toys and toddler toys were designed with love by parents.