Zero Point Million

A fashion first, Zero Point Millions’ disruptive accessory shifts the focus.

Zero Point Million has partnered up with a series of leading, innovative, sustainable fabric manufacturers to create affordable, customisable half belts that offer independent style and individual expression for the socially-conscience.

We aim to meet the Gen Z demand for accessories that meet fast and fluid social trends without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Strap In

A new way to express, accessorise and identify as we match the speed and fluidity of social trends without compromising on sustainability.

Buckle Up

The innovative button and loop buckles secure your custom strap part way around the waist before doubling it back into a signature drop.

Hang Loose

Switch up your look with new drops, limited edition collections and designer collaborations. 

From Waste to Waist

With straps created exclusively from recycled and waste material, flippable fashion now has a social conscience. Stemming the tide of the ghost fishing phenomenon, waste nets are collected and transformed into regenerated nylon. Plastic bottles and micro-plastics polluting oceans and rivers are recycled to produce a 100% traceable and sustainable fabrics, reducing ecological impact this material is up-cycled from PET plastic bottles otherwise taken to landfill.

Updatable. Interchangeable. Affordable.

Zero Point Million.