Uplifting Products

The Art of Relaxation

Welcome to Uplifting Products. We’re new on the scene, inventing uplifting products designed to make you smile. With an award-winning British Inventor at the helm, we lift spirits and provide moments of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. 

Tom Lawton, co-founder of Uplifting Products is the epitome of the great British Inventor and is possibly Britain's loveliest one too. Concerned about the environmental crisis and passionate about doing something positive about it, Tom looks for long-lasting solutions to some of life’s problems.

We've recently launched Uplift 2.0, a spiralling sculpture made from 100% recycled fishing nets. It runs on sunlight, turns waste material into timeless art, and calms the spirit as it spins. It's simply hypnotic.

Visit our website and contact our PR if you'd like any more information: www.beuplifted.co.uk | lydia@lydiafordpr.com