Your New Kitchen Must-Haves

Pioneering premium kitchenware since 1731. The ZWILLING ENFINIGY range of small electrical kitchen appliances, including brilliant blenders, toasters, kettles, coffee makers and digital scales - all with clean, modern and understated design and useful features to make life in the kitchen easier. Breakfasts, brunches, smoothies and hot drinks have never been so stylish!

FRESH & SAVE vacuum food storage is the newest innovation from ZWILLING, making meal-prep easy, cutting food waste and keeping ingredients fresher for longer.

Use the vacuum pump with the glass or plastic food storage containers, the vacuum bags and the wine sealer to keep ingredients fresh, preserving flavour and extending their shelf life. The containers and bags can be used for room temperature storage, chilling or freezing, then cooking or heating. Perfect for time-saving batch-cooking, this is a great way to meal prep for the whole family.

Now in - the new ZWILLING Z-Cut series of grating and slicing kitchen tools, including the spiralizer, fine grater, multi-grater, tower grater and mini grater for all the zesting, grating and cutting jobs in the kitchen.

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